Adobe Illustrator updates – part 1

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We’ve had a look at the new updates for Adobe Illustrator CC, unveiled at the Adobe MAX keynote in Los Angeles. Focussing on features to bring added speed and flexibility, here’s a taste of the Illustrator Shape tools!

Shape up with the Adobe Shaper tool:

Working with Illustrator workspaces and the Touch workspace, the Shaper tool allows you to draw natural objects and shapes, and then as if by magic, transforms them into precise and geometrically-perfect forms.  You can further edit, delete, combine and colour these shapes to create beautiful designs, with no need to change to selection tools or panels. Your designs also stay fully editable, so with the use of quick scrubbing gestures, they can easily be amended!

New Shape tools are now fully live, allowing you to swiftly create vector shapes including Ellipses, Polygons and Lines, without the use of additional panels or tools. These Illustrator Shape tools are interactive and adjustable, without having to apply other effects.

To turn objects or a complete photo into vector shapes:Shaper-for-Blog_small_square

  1. Tap Shapes, then the + icon
  2. Using the slider, adjust the contrast and tap Capture
  3. Tap to add or remove elements, alternating between Keep in shape and Remove from shape
  4. Tap Next and Capture will create your vector shape
  5. Tap Next to enter a name for your shape, choose the desired Creative Cloud Library and tap Save Shape




This process follows Adobe Capture CC on an iPhone. The user interface may vary between iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


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