Cool Scratch Projects in easy steps – resources

Cool Scratch Projects in easy steps – resources


  • Graphics for projects in this book can be found in this Images folder (624 KB)

Raspberry Pi users:

For those using Raspberry Pi, this contains all the projects in a single file and the additional Raspberry Pi project images.
For Scratch 2.0, the projects are on the Scratch website.

Chapter 3

Drum machine video:

  • Drum machine sounds, courtesy of Danny Wolfers, who records music as Legowelt (980 KB)
  • Melody sounds, courtesy of Sean McManus (link to folder (1210 KB)


Chapter 4

3D preview:


3D example:













Chapter 5

3D artist preview:


Chapter 6

Space Mine 3D preview:


Chapter 9

  • Maze images and a blank grid in the in the Images folder (as above)


Tunes for your Scratch projects can be downloaded from the Cool Scratch Projects in easy steps part of the author’s website

3D/anaglyph glasses can be ordered from our online shop


Game demonstrations:

Maze Maker:

Circuit Breaker:

Pipeline Defender: