iOS 9: 3D Touch

Using 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and iOS 9

One of the innovations on the iPhone 6s with iOS 9 is 3D Touch. This can be used to activate different options for certain apps, depending on the strength with which you press on an item.

For instance, a single press, or tap, can be used to open an app. However, if you press harder on the app then different options appear. This can be used for Quick Actions and Peek and Pop.



Accessing the 3D Touch features requires specific extra pressure: it is not just a case of pressing with the same amount of pressure for a longer time. This is known as pressing ‘deeper’ on an app. This also provides a slight buzzing vibration, know as haptic feedback.


Quick Actions

These are some of the Quick Actions that can be accessed with 3D Touch:


Step 1
Press deeper into the Camera app to access options for taking a selfie or recording a video, a slo-mo shot or a regular photo











Step 2
Press deeper into the Messages app to access options for sending a text message to recent contacts or create a new message



Step 3
Press deeper into the Mail app to access options for accessing your Inbox, adding a VIP, searching for an email or creating a new email





Most apps that have 3D Touch Quick Actions functionality are the pre-installed Apple ones. Some third-party apps also support this, most notably social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Experiment by pressing deeper on different apps to see if they have options for 3D Touch.




Peek and Pop

3D Touch can also be used to view items within apps, with a single press. This is known as Peek and Pop. To use this, with the Mail app:


Step 1
Press on an email in your Inbox to peek at it, i.e. view it with the other items blurred out



Other apps that offer Quick Actions include: Notes, Safari, Music, Maps and Wallet.









Step 2
Press deeper on the email to pop it open, i.e. view it in preview mode, rather than opening it fully. (Swipe up on the preview screen to access a menu for options for the email, e.g. Reply etc.)









Step 3
Press deeper again on the email to open it fully in the Mail app and access its full functionality









Other apps that offer Peek and Pop include: Safari, Maps, Camera and Photos. Items for Safari and Maps can be peeked at and accessed from within an email, e.g. if there is a website link in an  email, press it once to view a preview of the web page, and press deeper to open it in Safari. Photos can be peeked at from the Camera app by pressing on a thumbnail image and then pressing deeper to open it.



… and it’s as easy as that!


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