Making the Most of Windows 10 with in easy steps

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Windows 10 is now the de facto operating system on PCs, but are you making the most of your Windows 10


Windows 10 in easy steps – Special Edition is a comprehensive guide to utilising the tools Windows 10 has to offer on PC’s, Laptops and Tablets, making it a great investment for anyone who depends upon their PC for daily use. From managing the interface and apps, to navigating the desktop, files and folders, this guide will not only take you through the basics but also explain the advanced features to help you get more from your software upgrade.

Built-in applications including Windows Mail, Microsoft Edge and Windows Media Player, as well as programs including Paint, Fax and Scan, Administrative Tools and Insights are introduced and their various new advantages and features are clearly explained.

To save you the labour of trawling through copious amounts of online information, with 27 concise chapters spanning both the basics and the advanced features of Windows 10, the Windows 10 in easy steps – Special Edition  is the perfect go to guide, for clear and specific answers to any queries you may have. 

The guide provides comprehensive coverage of the latest Windows operating system, not only detailing the new features but also showing how these integrate with the more traditional elements of the operating system. It also includes chapters on updating, maintaining and troubleshooting so that you can keep your computer working in tiptop condition. 

Windows 10 is one of the most significant upgrades in Microsoft’s history and this in easy steps guide is ideal for newbies as well as those wanting to make the most of Windows 10. With illustrations and plain instructions the manual is the ultimate companion to Windows 10

Packed with tips and tricks, this 480-page reference book is on offer at £12.99 (RRP £17.99) for a limited period from our website only.

A great investment for all Windows 10 users to make the most of this popular operating system!