New release: Laptops for Seniors in easy steps, 7th edition

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For Senior users needing a helping hand to choose a Windows 10 laptop, and then get up and running with it quickly.


Laptops for Seniors in easy steps, 7th edition begins by looking at some of the ergonomic issues surrounding laptops and shows how to be as comfortable as possible when using them and transporting them. It then gives an overview of the workings of laptops, including the software that is provided with them and some of the most-used features in the Windows 10. Issues such as using your laptop on vacation and sharing it with other family members are then looked at, to show how laptops are versatile and family-friendly. The book shows you how to:

  • Choose the right laptop for you
  • Master the key features of Windows 10 on your Windows laptop
  • Find your way around with the Start button, the Start menu, and the Taskbar
  • Use the Quick Access section – an area you can personalise with your favourite apps, programs, contacts and websites so you can quickly get to the functions and files you use most often
  • Search the web with the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Learn about apps, find and download them, then resize and move them and maximise, minimise or close from their titlebars
  • Understand how Cloud storage with OneDrive works, and use it for free storage and sharing files
  • Talk to Cortana, the voice-activated Personal Digital Assistant which can perform searches on your computer or the web, perform actions like opening apps or documents, or set reminders and more
  • Use your laptop to make travel easy and keep your folks at home updated on your adventures
  • Learn to troubleshoot common problems and keep your laptop working in tiptop condition

Laptops for Seniors in easy steps, 7th edition takes the mystery out of using a Windows 10 laptop and shows how it can be used effectively for productivity and fun.


Pages: 192
Publication: March 8th, 2019

ISBN: 978-1-84078-842-6