Practical Accounts and Bookkeeping in easy steps, 2nd Ed 9781840787382

Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping in easy steps, 2nd Edition

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Shows the non-accountant how to understand business finances - in easy steps. Master basic bookkeeping: sales ledgers, purchase ledgers and nominal ledgers, VAT, Capital Accounts, Double-Entry Bookkeeping, Fixed and Current Assets, and more.




Pages: 288
Publication: September 30th, 2016

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About the book

This second edition of Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping in easy steps has been updated to cover the latest UK legislation. It starts with the basics you need to know to record your day-to-day transactions and how they appear in Nominals, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and the Balance Sheet. It then covers:

  • Understanding accounts and why they are important
  • the legal documents required when preparing accounts
  • What happens if accounts are not submitted in time and when accounts need to be sent to authorities
  • Creating a balance sheet using sales ledgers, purchase ledgers and nominal ledgers
  • VAT – registering, charging and reclaiming
  • Annual adjustments – Prepayments, Accruals, etc.
  • Calculating Profit for tax and Capital Accounts
  • Key Accounting Principles: Double Entry, Direct and Indirect costs, Fixed and Current Assets, Depreciation, Capital Allowance, and more!

This book will help you make sense of the 'daunting' accounts world. It will help you to spot problems in the accounts and explain them to others using the correct terminology. It will also show you how computer software has been designed to simplify the processes.

Master basic bookkeeping, then work through the book at your own pace to get a deeper understanding of Accounts. Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping in easy steps, 2nd Edition is ideal for business owners as well as students.

Includes examples to practice, and a Questions and Answers section to test yourself!


About the author

Alex Byrne worked for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for 23 years and was a senior Inspector of Taxes. He began his own tax consultancy business in 1997. He has been helping people with their tax and accountancy problems ever since, dealing with HMRC tax investigations, HMRC driven insolvencies, Capital Gains Tax problems, PAYE and Minimum National Wage settlements and any problem that anyone has with tax and HMRC. He assists with an accountancy practice and over the years has seen people get into difficulties with Companies House and HMRC often as a result of poor record keeping and failing to meet deadlines. He has seen the problems first as an Inspector of taxes and then as a tax adviser, and has worked tirelessly to produce improved computer records and record systems so business accounts can be produced efficiently at a reasonable cost.


ISBN: 978-1-84078-738-2


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