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Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping in easy steps, 2nd Edition (RRP £12.99)
Sage 50 Accounts 2016 in easy steps (RRP £10.99)
Excel 2016 in easy steps (RRP £10.99)

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9781840787382Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping in easy steps, 2nd Edition

By Alex Byrne
Publication date: September 30th, 2016
Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-1-84078-738-2

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About the book

This second edition of Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping in easy steps has been updated to cover the latest UK legislation. It starts with the basics you need to know to record your day-to-day transactions and how they appear in Nominals, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and the Balance Sheet. It then covers:

  • Understanding accounts and why they are important
  • the legal documents required when preparing accounts
  • What happens if accounts are not submitted in time and when accounts need to be sent to authorities
  • Creating a balance sheet using sales ledgers, purchase ledgers and nominal ledgers
  • VAT – registering, charging and reclaiming
  • Annual adjustments – Prepayments, Accruals, etc.
  • Calculating Profit for tax and Capital Accounts
  • Key Accounting Principles: Double Entry, Direct and Indirect costs, Fixed and Current Assets, Depreciation, Capital Allowance, and more!

This book will help you make sense of the 'daunting' accounts world. It will help you to spot problems in the accounts and explain them to others using the correct terminology. It will also show you how computer software has been designed to simplify the processes.

Master basic bookkeeping, then work through the book at your own pace to get a deeper understanding of Accounts. Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping in easy steps is ideal for business owners as well as students.

Includes examples to practice, and a Questions and Answers section to test yourself!

About the author

Alex Byrne worked for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for 23 years and was a senior Inspector of Taxes. He began his own tax consultancy business in 1997. He has been helping people with their tax and accountancy problems ever since, dealing with HMRC tax investigations, HMRC driven insolvencies, Capital Gains Tax problems, PAYE and Minimum National Wage settlements and any problem that anyone has with tax and HMRC. He assists with an accountancy practice and over the years has seen people get into difficulties with Companies House and HMRC often as a result of poor record keeping and failing to meet deadlines. He has seen the problems first as an Inspector of taxes and then as a tax adviser, and has worked tirelessly to produce improved computer records and record systems so business accounts can be produced efficiently at a reasonable cost.
9781840787214Sage 50 Accounts 2016 in easy steps

By Bill Mantovani
Publication date: May 11th, 2016
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-84078-721-4

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About the book

Sage 50 Accounts is the UK's market-leading accounts software. It lets you manage your day-to-day finances, customers, suppliers and VAT and keeps your finger on the pulse of your business.

Updated for Sage 50 Accounts for the 2016/17 financial year, Sage 50 Accounts 2016 in easy steps uses detailed images and easy-to-follow instructions, showing you how to quickly get to grips with the new features of this leading accounts software. This definitive guide clarifies everything from basic recording keeping to utilising Sage as an information-bank for making crucial business decisions.

Areas covered include:

  • setting up Sage, entering debtors and creditors
  • producing purchase/sales orders and invoices
  • bank account reconciliation
  • stock management, including Bill of Materials
  • important month and year end procedures
  • processing the VAT return and e-Submission
  • generating invaluable management reports

Sage 50 Accounts 2016 in easy steps is ideal for non-accountants using Sage 50 Essentials, Accounts, Accounts Plus or Accounts Professional for the first time, or just needing to grasp the new key features – all in easy steps!

The Sage Accounts range includes:

Desktop software

  • Sage 50 Accounts
  • Sage 50 Accounts Plus
  • Sage 50 Accounts Pro
  • Sage 50 Accounts Essentials

 Cloud Based Online Software

  • Sage One Cashbook
  • Sage One Accounting

About the author

Bill Mantovani has a long association with Sage Accounts and is a successful author on Sage software. He has specialised in IT for almost half a century and is consequently well versed with computerised accounts, recent online trends and Cloud working. Currently a respected college lecturer to Higher Education level, Bill has also been a company director, providing Sage Accounts solutions and training to many SME businesses in the North of England. He has also penned a number of academic titles for students studying in the electrical and electronic engineering field.
9781840786514Excel 2016 in easy steps

By Michael Price & Mike McGrath
Publication date: January 26th, 2015
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-84078-651-4

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About the book

Excel 2016 in easy steps will help you get to grips with the latest version of this popular spreadsheet application. Areas covered include:

  • Creating, editing and manipulating worksheets
  • Formulas, Functions and Pivot Tables
  • Handy templates to give you a head start
  • Macros for everyday tasks to save time
  • Charts to get an overview of your data
  • Linking workbooks for automatic updates
  • Using the Excel Online app to share and collaborate on spreadsheets and workbooks
  • Adding images and illustrations to your spreadsheet to impress your colleagues!

Whether you’re upgrading to Excel 2016 or new to the spreadsheet concept, use this guide to learn the key features constructively and get more out of Excel 2016 – in easy steps!

About the authors

Michael Price is an accomplished author, IT journalist and systems consultant with a wide experience of computing systems ranging from mainframes to personal computers. He's also a successful author with several best-selling In Easy Steps books to his credit, including earlier editions of Excel in easy steps.

Mike McGrath now lives in South-east Europe, on the sun-kissed shores of the Aegean Sea. Mike gained his extensive knowledge of computer languages while working as a developer contracting to companies around the world. His interests include coins of ancient Greece, dining-out with friends, and the ongoing evolution of the world wide web.

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