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By Andrew Edney

Publication: February 16, 2010
Pages: 214
ISBN: 978-1-84078-390-2



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About the book

Netbooks are the biggest thing to hit computers since the Laptop. They are small, light, have very long battery lives but most importantly are cheap.

They are designed to be carried around and used for tasks such as checking your email, surfing the web and communicating with your friends and family.

Windows 7 is the latest and greatest operating system from Microsoft and it not only brings new features and better ways of working for users, but it also delivers some pretty amazing enhancements in power and battery life to Netbooks.

Netbooks with Windows 7 are likely to be the biggest selling computers over the next few years, and even people with desktops and laptops are buying them because of their price and portability.

Make the most of these new litle computers with this handy illustrated reference guide.


About the author

Andrew Edney has been an IT professional for over 10 years and over the course of his career has worked for a range of high-tech companies, such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Fujitsu Services. He has a wide range of experience in virtually all aspects of Microsoft's computing solutions, having designed and architected large enterprise solutions for government and private sector customers. Over the years, Andrew had made a number of guest appearances at major industry events, presenting on a wide range of Information Systems subjects, such as an appearance at the annual Microsoft Exchange Conference in Nice where he addressed the Microsoft technical community on Mobility Computing. Andrew is currently involved in numerous Microsoft Beta programs, including next generation Windows operating systems, next generation Microsoft Office products and actively participates in all Windows Media Center beta programmes.


Customer Reviews

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"Very Helpful. Easy to follow/understand without the technical jargon that baffles the best of us!"

"I loved this book, I am not a technical person and I have a small netbook that I am now able to use with more confidence."



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