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Scrum in easy steps – ebook (PDF)

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By David Morris
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Publication date: April 11th, 2017

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About the book

An essential guide for anyone new to Scrum, and a valuable reference for the more experienced.

Scrum is the most widely used agile framework for developing software products.


Scrum in easy steps provides an introduction to Scrum, then steps through how a team gets going on a project and how they sustain performance and continually improve. It explores the three core roles in a Scrum team and how they work together effectively, and covers how a team works with others outside the team (an area most books on Scrum leave out).

The book then shows how to apply the Scrum framework throughout product development, from product discovery and definition, through the experience of working in Sprints on product delivery, to how teams inspect and adapt to improve themselves and find opportunities for their organisations to get better too.  It finishes with a look at how Scrum could be applied beyond a single team and how the work of Scrum teams is integrated successfully with other parts of the organisation.

Whether you're looking to move into the field of software development, are currently in a Scrum team and want a handy reference, or you work in an environment with Scrum teams and want to understand how they work, Scrum in easy steps is for you.

Includes downloadable templates to get you started.


Table of Contents:

  • Introducing Scrum
  • Forming a Scrum Team
  • Discovering what customers need
  • Defining the Product Backlog
  • Prioritizing and sizing the Backlog
  • Preparing for the Sprint
  • A day in the life of a Sprint
  • Delivering the Product Increment
  • Continual improvement in Scrum
  • Scaling Scrum beyond one team
  • The Scrum reference


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About the author

David Morris is an agile practitioner, coach, and instructor of team performance, business analysis and project management. With over 30 years’ experience, he has worked in and led teams and run his own business, in Europe and Australasia (he is now based in Auckland, NZ), delivering strategic, business, and technical projects following structured, iterative, and agile methodologies. David is certified as a trainer and coach; organises, chairs, and talks at conferences and events; has contributed to several books (including 'Agile Project Management in easy steps, 2nd Edition' 'Agile Project Estimation and Planning', 'Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge', and 'Business Analysis for Dummies'); and writes for several online publications (including and

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