Windows XP in easy steps – updated for SP2, 3rd edition

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By Harshad Kotecha

Publication: January 18, 2005
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-84078-287-5



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About the book

This best-selling title now also includes the new Service Pack 2 features for Windows XP, so it's even better value! It's still a full color, illustrated, easy to read, concise, step-by-step, inexpensive guide.

It covers Microsoft's Windows XP Home edition as well as Windows XP Professional. In no time you'll learn Windows XP key features, from starting Windows XP, Basic Controls, Windows Explorer, Managing Files and Folders, Working with Programs, The Internet and .NET Passport, Windows Messenger and Email, Printing and Fonts, Networking, Customizing Windows XP, Pictures, Music and Videos, Maintaining your System, and new Service Pack 2 security features.

Make the most of your PC with Windows XP in easy steps now.


About the author

Harshad Kotecha is a successful author of the popular Windows in easy steps books, with each edition becoming a best-seller on the subject. He is a Computer Science graduate with extensive experience in computing and programming.



  1. Getting Started
  2. Basic Controls
  3. My Computer and Windows Explorer
  4. Managing Files and Folders
  5. Working with Programs
  6. The Internet and .NET Passport
  7. Windows Messenger and Email
  8. Printing and Fonts
  9. Networking
  10. Customising Windows XP
  11. Pictures, Music and Videos
  12. Maintaining your System
  13. Service Pack 2





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