Cloud Computing in easy steps

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By David Crookes

Publication: July 17, 2012

Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-84078-532-6



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About the book

The cloud is everywhere. Cloud computing looks set to revolutionize how we create, store and share data. Today's big names, from Apple to Google, are embracing it to such a degree that the world is moving from a centralized computing platform to one that can be mobile, scalable and always available is now a reality.

Cloud Computing in easy steps will show you how to harness cloud computing in your everyday life. You may already be using cloud services yet didn't realize it! You'll learn how these new platforms can help you work and play more efficiently and more importantly, at any location you choose. The cloud liberates its users from the desktop and allows them to embrace the webtop.

Whether you are a small business looking to reduce storage and application costs and make collaboration easier, or an individual who wants to use more cloud based services but isn't too sure where to start, Cloud Computing in easy steps is the book for you. Each of the key concepts about cloud computing is covered in plain English, and many of the most popular cloud services are explained. Areas covered include:

  • What is a cloud?
  • How to develop a cloud computing security policy
  • How to work with Google Drive, Dropbox and Apple iCloud
  • How to word process, produce spreadsheets and presentations
  • The steps and hardware needed to play games in the cloud
  • Organizing yourself better with reminders and cloud calendars
  • Listening to music and streaming films
  • How to take notes and have them available to you at all times
  • How to use a cloud for a micro business

The cloud is here to stay, and Cloud Computing in easy steps is your handy guide to these new services.


Table of Contents

  • Introducing cloud computing
  • Working with Google
  • Using Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Cloud printing
  • Microsoft SkyDrive
  • Using Dropbox
  • Apple iCloud
  • Making notes
  • Using SocialFolders
  • Task management
  • Pictures in the Cloud
  • Audio and Video
  • Playing in the Cloud
  • Security in the Cloud


About the author

David Crookes is a journalist who specialises in technology and videogames. He began his career in 1994, writing for Amstrad Action magazine and his many credits include The Independent newspaper, Computing Made Easy, Web User, Micro Mart, games™, Retro Gamer and the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition. In addition to his writing, he is the curator of Videogame Nation, an exhibition celebrating the rise of gaming, which tours the United Kingdom.


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