Upcoming insights for Apple users – Winter 2016!

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Including macOS Sierra, Macbook Pro and iOS 10

As we’re gearing up to release our new macOS Sierra title, and getting the finishing touches sorted for our updated iPhone for Seniors 3rd edition, we thought a good round up of Apple news might come in handy!

You can already purchase iPad for Seniors in easy steps, 6th edition – which covers the brilliant iOS 10 system. An ideal step-by-step guide to help you become an iPad pro, and give those younger users a run for their money!

macOS Sierra

We really love an operating system guide here at In Easy Steps, and the latest Apple Sierra system is no exception! Our shiny new title, macOS Sierra in easy steps covers all the main areas, plus gives handy tips to better make the most of your macOS desktop:

macOS Sierra in easy steps 9781840787443


  • Siri is one of the main updates with macOS Sierra; finally it’s available on a desktop system! Multitasking, increasing efficiency and productive output, finding files, updating news and much more.
  • Universal Clipboard – a great feature allowing you to easily flow from one device to another, copy images or text from an app on your iPhone and paste it into another app on your Mac!
  • Of course the iCloud Drive has been given a polish, so with macOS Sierra your desktop and Documents folder are available on all of your devices.
  • Apple Pay – one of the most advanced aspects of technology today is being able to place your smartphone over a card reader, and that’s it, you’ve sent a payment! Apple Pay is available now in Safari with a connected iPhone or Apple Watch, so if you have multiple Apple devices this will cut out a lot of time finding that credit card and repeatedly typing in all those digits!
  • Plus many more updates including Memories in Photos, Messages with huge emojis, Tabs, Picture in Picture and Apple Music!

And there’s even an Auto Unlock feature for those with the Apple Watch, so you can quickly access your Mac at the touch of a button!

Have a look at macOS Sierra in easy steps for more information on Apple’s latest software version 10.12.

Don’t forget, you can still purchase OS X El Capitan in easy steps here, if you want to stick to the previous operating system.

Macbook Pro with Touch Bar

You may have heard recently that Apple is readying their stores for the new release of the Macbook Pro. If you’re an Apple fan looking to upgrade, this might be the one for you!

The Macbook Pro comes in 13 inch and 15 inch models, with added Touch Bar, or without. The models specifications are almost the same, except for some additional ports on the Touch Bar model, more power, a fingerprint sensor and a smaller battery. The regular 13 inch version (without Touch Bar) is available now, but the 13 inch Touch Bar models and 15 inch Touch Bar models all have a 4-5 weeks wait time (from November 2016).

A number of years ago a Russian design studio released the concept of the Optimus (Engadget), a regular QWERTY design keyboard that featured a screen overlapped onto every key. This screen would allow the user to quickly change the keys to suit the apps they were using. A truly personalised set up.

It is this idea that Apple has driven forward with the new Macbook Pro, but in a thin touchscreen band capable of much more. Replacing the traditional function keys on a keyboard, and giving a flashy new way to input actions, the Touch Bar is a thin rectangular section of an iPad, on a Macbook. It includes a set of pre-set buttons covering the useful function keys: Brightness, Volume and Mute, placed on the right-hand side. Gone are the up and down keys for the first two controls, as once tapped, they now bring up a slider with which you can specifically set the Brightness or Volume level you want. There are four fixed touchscreen buttons to the left-hand side, which you can customise from other macOS functions, and the rest can generally be edited depending on the app you’re using. (The Verge)

The middle section though, which you will most likely see in the advertising campaign for the Mac with Touch Bar, is where the magic happens – so to speak. Specific to the app you have open, this section changes to display different controls and buttons. App developers will be able to program this area to whatever they deem the best function, with support announced for Photoshop and Office amongst others, alongside Apple’s own app offerings.

Mail for instance, brings up Archive and Spam buttons, ideal for quick access. Emoji options appear on the Touch Bar when typing, allowing you to swipe through the entire icon library to find that one Unicorn image to truly express yourself. Numbers, part of the Apple set of productivity apps, displays quick access formulas.

This is definitely something that could be useful for advanced Macbook users (hence it being available on the Pro model), and those that appreciate being able to quickly alter the options at their fingertips, once you get used to it. Almost certainly, as products are designed and the technology is refined, there might be a Touch Bar keyboard for desktop Macs in the future. But will the Touch Bar match the likes of Siri in a wider user base? Only time will tell!

iPhone 7, iPads and iOS 10

Can you keep up with all the available iGadgets? It’s quite a task!

The iPhone 7 is the most recent on the calendar and this comes pre-installed with iOS 10, an A10 chip and waterproof functionality. These smartphones have now become such advanced machines, most users are not even using them to their full potential! iOS 10 is the newest version of Apple’s operating system, released in September 2016. It brings a redesigned Lock screen, 3D touch notifications, widgets screen, Raise to Wake feature, additional features in Messages and other important updates to a variety of apps.

iPhone for Seniors in easy steps, 3rd Edition 9781840787436

In our popular Seniors format, we’ve got the go-to guide on the newest iPhone, (and applicable iPhone models with iOS 10) all housed in iPhone for Seniors in easy steps, 3rd edition. With colour images and step-by-step functions, you can easily go from set up to productivity and beyond! This title comes in the trusted In Easy Steps style with large typeface and straightforwardjargon free processes. Available November 2016.
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