Save money with smart heating – in easy steps!

With energy prices going through the roof, one way to save money is by making your heating system smart. This can be done very easily, and enables you to control the heating in your home through an app or a digital voice assistant while you are at home or remotely. All you need to get the system up and running are:

A heat link thermostat that connects to the central heating boiler. The heating system is then left On at the boiler: all of the control is done through the heat link thermostat, using an app, a controller (smart thermostat), or a digital voice assistant.

A smart thermostat that communicates with the heat link connected to the central heating system. The smart thermostat is able to monitor room temperatures and adjust them accordingly.

Then, all you need is an app on your phone or tablet, and you can turn the heating On and Off, set schedules, temperatures and change settings for when you’re home and away.


Learn how to do this with:

100 Top Tips – Create Your Smart Home to Stay Safe and Save Money

£5.99 / By Nick Vandome / ISBN 9781840788693