About the Series

Visual step-by-step learning

These easy to follow, jargon-free guides are the perfect companion for fast and productive learning. This successful series, covering business and professional skills and all key areas of computing, internet and digital lifestyle, offers unbeatable value.

Each chapter takes you step-by-step through the key aspects of the topic covered. Every page is packed with visual guides – you simply can’t go wrong!



Let these icons make it even easier



Flags those things you should try to remember






Wards you away from potential dangers






Spices up your learning with useful tidbits






Indicates a new or changed feature


Discover things you never knew

You’ll be amazed at what is actually achievable with each program. The series covers not just the basics to get you going, but it shows you the full potential of your software – things you never knew existed!

Whether you’re a busy manager, a novice, a trainer or a student, these books will improve your essential skills quickly and easily!

Who are In Easy Steps books right for?

  • Professionals seeking fast results
  • Students with limited budget
  • Home users in need of a simple learning aid
  • Self-employed with no time for formal training
  • Managers needing cost-effective training for staff
  • Those who want to be more productive on their computer

In other words… YOU!

The whole series is designed to save you time and guaranteed to give you the best value.

The books have even been successfully used worldwide for classroom-based training as well as for self-teaching.