Cut, copy and paste is different in Windows 11…

In the File Explorer context menu, the most commonly used options – e.g. Cut, Copy, Rename, Share and Delete – are displayed as icons at the top of the menu, rather than as text. This is a new feature in Windows 11.

1) Choose files and folders you want to copy, and right-click within the selection.

2) From the context menu, click Copy or Cut to move the selection.

3) Move to the destination folder (or create a new one).

4) Right-click a blank area of the destination folder.

5) Select Paste (the icon at the top of the menu in the image below) from the menu to complete the copy or move operation.

6) Click the Show more options button at the bottom of the menu in the image shown in Step 1 to display the full list of options that you might be more used to from older versions of Windows.


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