Digital Lifestyle for Seniors in easy steps

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

What is Digital Lifestyle and how can Seniors benefit?

Alexa for Seniors in easy steps 9781840789072The digital age has improved our ability to connect with one another all around the world, to work remotely, to access a plethora of information and own smart homes, improving our quality of life immeasurably. Given its many benefits and the widespread use of technology in today’s society, it is becoming increasingly important to make the digital world accessible to all generations. There are a multitude of reasons to encourage seniors to connect with the digital world, including improving areas of life such as shopping, keeping up-to-date with news, banking, travel, reminders for important everyday tasks, and much more. Seniors online also have access to up-to-date information on health matters, and being in touch with the outside world helps to reduce loneliness. Technology provides better living conditions for the elderly because science is fundamentally designed to improve the quality of our lives. Whilst it can be harmful when used in excess, tapping into the areas of life improved through technology, such as easily staying socially connected to friends and family, can greatly improve the wellbeing and connection of seniors to the modern world.

The internet is no longer the exclusive domain of younger people. Over the past years, more and more seniors are moving online. Whilst they still have lower rates of technological adoption than other generations, they are becoming more digitally connected than ever before. There are many current technologies perfect for those new to the digital world, such as easy-to-use smartphones and tablet computers. It is up to strategic planning in society, integration through handbooks and one-on-one teaching for more seniors to get online and reap the benefits of evolving technology. 

For example, the internet is a great way to gain self education providing us with otherwise inaccessible knowledge about the world on almost every subject imaginable, alongside enabling us to stay up-to-date on political and policy issues. As stated in the Senior Lifestyle magazine 82% of boomers/seniors use search engines to gather information on topics of interest spending an average of 27 hours per week online. This enables seniors to involve themselves more in current affairs whether it be political, cultural, scientific or sociological, the information accessible provides a gateway for growing with, and learning from the present world.Social Networking for Seniors in easy steps

Mobility is key for sustaining a sense of freedom. Digital tools such as google maps, bus timetables, and ticket buying apps can all transform an individual’s ease of access to travel, by enabling them with a map that can direct them to any place they would like to go, whilst providing car routes, cycling routes, public transport routes and walking directions for any journey.

Whilst a smart home can seem like a complex and expensive venture, there are many simple ways a home can be updated to accommodate an easier living environment. Smart lighting, home security cameras, smart thermostats, multi-room audio systems, smart water irrigation systems and smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are just a few simple ways a home can be made safer and more efficient with technology. 

In Easy Steps provides a wide variety of excellent step-by-step beginner manuals on using specific technologies such as Android phones and Android tablets; Apple’s iPhone and iPad; creating a smart home; using Facebook; getting more from Alexa (Amazon’s personal digital assistant); Windows 10, and much more, providing individuals with a great introduction to specified information and subsequent access to the online and digitally connected world. 

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