Enhancing Text Messages – iPad iOS 10

Customised iPad messages with effects such as Full-screen and Invisibility!



The effects below require the recipient to be using iMessages and iOS 10 too. If they are not using iOS 10 the messages may appear differently, or not have the same animated effects.



Full-screen messages

iMessages can be sent with full-screen effects:

Step 1    messages_invisible1a_ipad_sen_ios10
Write a message and press and hold on this button

Step 2
Tap once on the Screen button at the top of the window








Step 3
Different animated options can be selected to accompany the message




Step 4
Swipe to the left, or tap on the grey dots (at the bottom) to view different animated effects







Step 5
Tap once on the blue arrow button to send the message (tap once on the cross to delete the animated effect)







Some messages, such as ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Congratulations’ automatically create full-screen effects.





You can turn off the full-screen effects – go to Settings > GeneralAccessibility and enable Reduce Motion.








Invisible messages

There are several ways to enhance text messages, including sending them in a digital version of invisible ink:

Step 1messages_invisible1a_ipad_sen_ios10
Write a message and press and hold on this button




While creating a message, tap once on the left-hand side grey arrow for the options for adding additional types of content.





Step 2
Tap once on the Bubble button at the top of the window






Step 3
Tap once on the Invisible Ink option




Step 4
Tap once on this button messages_invisible3a_ipad_sen_ios10 to send the invisible message








Step 5
The message is sent as a bubble where the content is obscured


Step 6
Swipe on the message to view its content






The other Bubble effects in Step 2 are Slam, Loud and Gentle. These determine how the speech bubble appears to the recipient: Slam, moves in quickly from left to right; Loud appears initially as a large bubble; Gentle appears initially with small text in the speech bubble. After the initial effects, the bubble returns to its normal size.







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