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July 23, 2020

Get Prepared for the Post-Lockdown Job Market – In Easy Steps

With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting all aspects of life, the world of work has unavoidably changed for many of us. With this comes sectors that are thriving during the pandemic, others that are still adjusting, and some that simply cannot run their companies due to the nature of the work. According to the latest jobs market report from employment website CV-Library, the number of job vacancies in the UK fell by 62.7% in the second quarter of 2020. With higher competition for jobs, which industries are continuing to hire staff, while others remain in more fragile positions?

According to BBC statistics, the highest performing industry for post-lockdown jobs is IT (Information Technology). Software engineers, web developers and online security are but a few of the roles in IT that are currently thriving. Digital skills are now imperative in every industry from online-shopping to automating processes in factories. It will be critical for firms to adapt digitally to the changing market, hence the growing demand for IT specialists. So is it time to review your skill set and reskill, or even upskill, for the emerging job market?

In Easy Steps offers a multitude of accessible and affordable guides for step-by-step learning  in order to help you do this. At In Easy Steps, all programming and web development books are ideal for beginners who want to acquire these skills cost effectively, at ease in their own time at their own pace. From Digital Marketing for Businesses to Web Development and Programming, for those who now may want to start their own business, update their skill-set in preparation for the competing job market, or even consider becoming a Programmer as a new career. 

In Easy Steps provides guides on a comprehensive range of computing and professional skills

Web development manuals by In Easy Steps guide you through the process of creating a website: planning, web page layout, navigation, search engine promotion, ecommerce, and even social media marketing for a successful online business. Or whilst updating your programming skills from C, C++, C#Java, Python and  R for Data Analysis will prepare you for new post-lockdown systems development work and projects

You may want to consider gaining programming skills from scratch. In Easy Steps will get you started with Coding for Beginners to explore and grasp the fundamentals of coding. Why not get started and see how you like it as a career in the new employment landscape?

In Easy Steps – Your trusted source for fast learning! 


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