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October 13, 2021

Here’s how to quickly insert rows in Microsoft Excel…

Click the number of the row where you want to insert above, and drag down for as many rows as you want to insert. For the example here, we want to insert three rows above row 4.

Click Insert in the Cells group of the Home tab. You could alternatively use Ctrl with the plus symbol (+). You can use the key on your number keypad or add Shift to the key combination to use the key on the main keyboard.

If you’re inserting a row to copy another row into it, you can save time by copying the row first. When you insert, your copied row will be pasted into the new row(s).

You can use a similar technique to insert columns.

Find more tips like this in 100 Top Tips – Microsoft Excel

By Sean McManus
108 pages (notebook size)
ISBN: 9781840788792

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