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January 12, 2022

How to add and edit an image in Microsoft Word

Have you seen this meme about images in Microsoft Word and laughed…?

We did too, but we can show you how to add images in Word without the sirens!






1) Navigate to the appropriate part of your document, click on Pictures in the Illustrations area of the Insert tab and choose This Device.

2) Locate your photo files on your computer.

3) Once you have found the image you want, select it and then click the Insert button.

The image is brought into the current page. Note that it has eight circular “handles”, which can be dragged around if you want to manipulate the image: 

  • Drag the circular arrow icon to rotate the image; any other handle will resize it.
  • Drag directly on an edge (not on a handle) to move without resizing.

Drag on a corner handle to resize, keeping the picture in proportion. Drag one of the handles halfway along an edge to stretch just vertically or horizontally.

4) To crop the image, click on the Crop tool and you’ll see some heavy black corners and edges. Dragging inwards on these will prepare the image for cropping.



5) When you’re happy with your adjustments, click on the Crop tool again and choose Crop to apply the changes. If you change your mind later, simply reselect Crop and drag the black handles outwards again.

In the Crop tool’s pop-up menu there are also Crop to Shape options, and many preset shapes to choose from.




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