How to add social sharing tools to your website

Don’t confuse social sharing tools with social media links. Social sharing tools (otherwise known as social proof buttons), are a fantastic way for your content to be shared by your audience.

In this picture (from they clearly display the power of a good social sharing tool. You can see that 7.6k people have clicked on one of the social share buttons and shared this article on their social media platforms, therefore driving more traffic back to their website.

This is a powerful tool and one not to be ignored. The key items that you should be adding a social sharing tool to are:

  • Your blogs or news articles.
  • Your frequently asked questions (FAQs) page.
  • Your special offers or free downloads.
  • Your jobs (if you’re a recruiter), or properties if you’re an estate agent/realtor.
  • Your toolkit page.



If you would like to add social sharing buttons to your website, try This is a floating toolbar (as seen in the example above), and will stay with your visitor as they read your article. It is much more effective than having a sharing tool at the top of your article, or at the bottom.

Google loves it when people share your content, so make it easy for your visitors to do this.




If you only have social sharing tools for Facebook and Twitter but your main target market is more business-to-business (B2B), then consider adding LinkedIn.




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