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May 18, 2022

How to control who sees your posts on Facebook

Facebook allows you to control who is able to see your posts. You can do this on a post-by-post basis. What you choose is very much down to you and the content that you are looking to share. Here’s how to select who sees your posts…

1) In the Create Post box, click the icon for Friends.










2) You will see a number of options. After writing a post, you can:

  • Make it Public. This allows anyone to see what you have posted, whether or not they are using Facebook.
  • Allow your friends to see it. Those you have added as a friend will see the post in their News Feeds.
  • Exclude some friends from seeing it. This will stop it from appearing in certain friends’ News Feeds.
  • Let specific friends see it. Only those on your list will read or see your posts.
  • Keep it to yourself. It’ll be solely for your eyes.













3) You can also decide whether you wish to post to any custom lists that you create.

4) If you decide to limit your post to certain friends, then you’ll be shown a list of your connections. Add or remove people who you do and don’t want to see your post, before clicking Save Changes.

5) Click Post to send it on its way.

The setting you choose remains in place for all subsequent posts until you change it again.


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