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August 9, 2021

How to create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

Did you know that you can create a Table of Contents for your Word document automatically, by asking Word to look for instances of particular styles or by using entries that you create manually?

1) Open a suitably long document that uses a structure of style headings. Make sure the References tab is active so that you can see the Table of Contents controls on the left.

2) Click the Table of Contents button and choose one of the available preset styles. Word looks through your document and uses the headings to generate the Table of Contents. It calculates the correct page number reference and adds it to each entry.

Note that the entries generated in the Table of Contents reflect the heading structure in the main document. They also behave like hyperlinks: Ctrl + click on any of these to jump straight to the relevant page.

Find more tips like this in Microsoft Word in easy steps.


216 pages
By Scott Basham
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