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January 26, 2022

How to customize the Start menu in Windows 11

Struggling with Windows 11? Did you know you can customize the Start menu so it’s more suitable for you? Read on and we’ll show you how…

1) Click on the Settings app on the Taskbar.

2) Click on the Personalization tab.

3) Click on the Start option.








4) Under Start, select whether to show recently added apps, show most used apps, or show recently opened items on the Start menu. Recently added and most used apps appear at the top of the All apps section of the Start menu, if these options are turned On.

5) Click on the Folders option to select items that appear on the Start menu.













6) Drag the buttons On for items you want to appear on the Start menu; e.g. File Explorer, the Settings app, the Documents Library, and the Pictures app.

7) Items selected in Step 6 appear on the Start menu, next to the Power button If you find that you don’t use some items very much once they have been added to the Start menu, they can be removed by dragging their buttons Off in Step 6.

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