How to tag photos on Facebook

If an image you’ve uploaded contains people, Facebook will allow you to associate a tag with them. Essentially, this means you are able to put a name to the face, and it’s a nice way of identifying who has been photographed while letting the people you have tagged know an image of them has been posted.

1) Upload a photo to Facebook.

2) Click the Edit button on the image. 

3) Click Tag Photo (or tap the Tag icon if you’re using the Facebook app).

4) Click on a face and box will appear. You can type a name or choose from the suggested list of names to associate that person with the image.











5) Click Save (or Done, depending on the device).

6) When anyone views the image, they will be able to see exactly who is pictured. The people included will also be informed they’ve been tagged.


When you tag someone in a photo, the image may appear on their News Feed, depending on their security settings.



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