How to use the Snooze function in Gmail

Sometimes you may not be able to deal with an email right away, but want to be reminded about it at a later time or date. This is where Gmail’s Snooze function really comes in handy.

Follow these steps to snooze an email or conversation:

1) Either check the box next to a message (or multiple messages) in the Gmail list or open the message. A row of icons appears along the top. Select the Snooze icon (a clock face).







2) You will be presented with a list of times and dates to snooze until. You can select one of these or, to set your own custom one, click Pick date & time.












3) If you chose the latter option, you can then select the desired date and time from a dialog box with a calendar.












4) Either way, the snoozed message will be removed from your inbox temporarily and archived until the chosen date and time, when it will reappear in the inbox as if it had just been sent.










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