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February 4, 2022

How to use voice commands on your Android phone

The voice commands functionality can be used for opening items such as apps on your phone or from the web, finding directions, setting alarms, finding photos on your phone, and more.

Instead of typing or tapping, do the following:

1) In the Google Search box (usually on your Home screen), tap on the microphone button.









2) When some colored dots appear, speak the word or phrase for which you want to search.

3) If you search for items on the web, Google will use your location (if enabled) and also your search history to give you more accurate results. For instance, if you search for “Indian restaurants” it will display the results for those closest to your location.

4) Or, to open an app, just ask your phone to do it for you. The phrase displayed in the voice search window is sometimes a summary of what you actually say. For instance, if you say, “Please open Gmail app”, the words “open gmail” may be displayed. The app opens in the same way as if you had tapped on it from the Home screen.


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