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March 1, 2017

Invisible Messages on the iPhone 7 and iOS 10

An extract from iPhone for Seniors in easy steps, 3rd edition – available now!

Invisible messages

There are several ways to enhance text messages, including sending them in a digital version of invisible ink:

Step 1
Write a message and press and hold on this button

hot tipWhile creating a message, tap once on the grey right-pointing arrow for the options for adding additional types of content, including adding stickers, digital touch items and photos (see pages 96-98 iPhone for Seniors in easy steps, 3rd edition).

Step 2Bubble
Tap once on the Bubble button at the top of the window

Step 3
Tap once on the Invisible Ink button

Step 4
Tap once on this button to send the invisible message

Step 5
The message is sent as a bubble where the content is obscured

Step 6
Swipe on the message to view its content

hot tipThe other Bubble effects in Step 2 are Slam, Loud and Gentle. These determine how the speech bubble appears to the recipient: Slam moves in quickly from left to right; Loud appears initially as a large bubble; Gentle appears initially with small text in the speech bubble. After the initial effects, the bubble returns to its normal size.

iPhone for seniors 3rd

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