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July 14, 2016

Microsoft begins lowering storage limits on OneDrive

The 15GB storage amount will soon be updated, meaning only a 5GB limit on accounts!

Back in 2014, Microsoft were giving out 15GB worth of free OneDrive storage, a huge amount and very useful to a lot of users for backups, cloud storage and generally freeing up device space. More recently, if you are a OneDrive user, you should have received an email stating the limits were being downgraded, unless you signed up to keep the 15GB, and whether or not your content was above the soon-to-be lowered limits. Some users also received an email warning that the unpaid storage capacity would be below the original 7GB limit (at 5GB), and this would roll out by the 13th or 27th July 2016.

The date has soon rolled around, and as of yesterday Microsoft have began removing the 15GB camera roll backup bonus, and 10GB of general account storage making the new limit only 5GB.

If you did make use of Microsoft’s offer for legacy users to keep the extra storage by the 31st January 2016, then you should be alright when this month’s change comes around. You’ll get both the 15GB storage and the camera roll bonus. But unfortunately if you got an email like the one below (right), you should definitely take action to backup your documents, photos etc as soon as possible. There are many different options for addition storage, some similar to the cloud OneDrive service, some more physical in the form of external storage options, and usefully, Google Drive are currently giving access to 15GB of storage upon signing up.#




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