Microsoft Teams – Raising a Hand, Breakout Rooms, & Live Captions

Are you getting the most out of Microsoft Teams?

Maybe you’ve already used Microsoft Teams to have video calls with your friends and family, but did you know it can do so much more?

If you’re hosting a meeting with a large number of participants it can be difficult at times, in terms of who speaks and when. In Microsoft Teams you can control who speaks by requesting that they “raise a hand” first.

When a meeting is being conducted with a large number of people there may be times when a subset of the main meeting wants to have a separate meeting, without leaving the meeting itself. This is done through the use of breakout rooms, where a group from the meeting can create another, virtual, room in which they can discuss issues that are specific to them, but not necessarily relevant to the whole meeting.

For anyone with hearing issues, an audio or video meeting can be a challenge. This is particularly true for an audio-only meeting, as it can be much harder to understand people if there are no visual clues with facial expressions and the chance to lip-read what is being said. One option within Teams to overcome this is live captions, which provide a text display of what is being said. This can be found in the meeting settings – just click the Turn on live captions option.


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