Spaces in macOS Sierra

An extract from macOS Sierra in easy steps

The top level of Mission Control contains Spaces, which are new Desktop areas into which you can group certain apps, e.g. the iWork apps such as Pages and Numbers. This means that you can access these apps independently from every other open item. This helps to organize your apps and files. To use Spaces:


Preferences for Spaces can be set within the Mission Control System Preference.




Step 1
Move the cursor over the top right-hand corner of Mission Control and click on the + symbol

Step 2
A new Space is created along the top row of Mission Control




Step 3
Drag an app onto the Space, and then any additional apps required




Step 4
The new Space can then be accessed by clicking on the Space within Mission Control, and all of the apps that have been placed here will be available








Create different Spaces for different types of content, e.g. one for productivity and one for entertainment.




When you create a new Space it can subsequently be deleted by moving the cursor over it and clicking on the cross at the lefthand corner. Any items that have been added to this Space are returned to the default Desktop Space.





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