New release: Coding with Python – Create Amazing Graphics

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Teaches children new coding concepts and results in some amazing graphics in easy steps
A new title in the children’s series The QuestKids that is designed to make learning fun for children.

Coding with Python – Create Amazing Graphics introduces coding in Python through a variety of projects. Each one teaches new coding concepts and results in some amazing graphics.

Python is a powerful, text-based programming language essential to grasp for serious coding but can be dull to learn. This book focuses on inspired learning. Step-by-step, it illustrates how to use Python code to create exciting and colourful graphics — making learning Python great fun!

Learn Python code to:

  • Use random numbers to create unique artwork
  • Mix colours together using variables to create amazing effects
  • Use loops to repeat your code and create intricate patterns
  • Code your own functions and build up your own designs

To create the games in this book, children will need a desktop computer or a laptop. The games require a proper keyboard so will not work well on a tablet or iPad. It is recommended that children should be supervised when using the internet, especially when using a new website.

This is the UK English edition.

80 pages / A4
By: Max Wainewright
Publication date: May 20th, 2022
ISBN: 9781840789577