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September 3, 2020

New release: Excel Functions & Formulas in easy steps

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Excel Functions & FormulasExcel Functions & Formulas in easy steps shows you how to get the most of Excel, once you’ve mastered the basics. You will learn how to build more powerful spreadsheets using the features of Excel formulas, and explore all the categories of Excel functions including financial, logical, mathematical, and data related functions. Then, review business-oriented scenarios and examples of functions in each of the groups, and consider the additional facilities offered through user-defined functions.

The topics covered apply to all recent versions of Microsoft Excel.

Table of Contents

  • Values and Formulas
  • Managing Formulas
  • Functions
  • Math & Trig and Logical
  • Date & Time and Text
  • Financial and Statistical
  • Lookup & Reference and Information
  • Database and Engineering
  • Compatibility, Cube and Web
  • User Defined Add-ins and Macros
  • Support and References

ISBN: 9781840788815
Pages: 192
By: Michael Price


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