Twitter lists are underutilized. It is difficult to imagine how a user can follow more than 100 people without using Twitter lists. How would you keep on top of who is saying what in one long newsfeed, without being on Twitter 24/7?

Twitter lists are a great way to organize who you are following (and even who you are NOT following) into groups defined by you.



Creating Twitter lists is the easiest way to manage your account on a daily basis.



Here are examples of some of the Twitter lists:

Competitors (private list) – Set up a list of your competitors. You do not have to follow these accounts, just add them to your list. (Unless you have a good relationship with them and you would like to communicate with them.)

Clients (private list) – It is important to make sure that you do not miss any key notices or Tweets from your existing clients.

Target Market (public list) – For example, if you are a supplier to the wine industry, then you may want to have a list for all those potential clients who would be interested in your products. Following vineyards, wine merchants, and having these in one list will keep you focused on your target market.

Press (public list) – Following local press, or perhaps national news, trade magazines, journalists, bloggers in an industry, etc. is always a good source of content ideas for your Twitter account and is worthy of a list.

Famous (public list) – You may want to follow particular sporting personalities, or business gurus etc. I follow a number of thought leaders in my industry, and I have added these to my “Famous” list. I do not check this list every day, but I know it is there, and I check on it a few times a week just to make sure that I do not miss anything important.




You do not need to actually “follow” people to put them on a list. Consider this when creating a list for your competitors.




How do you create a Twitter list? 

As with most platforms, there is always more than one way to achieve the same result and creating a Twitter list is no exception, but here is an easy way to create those all important Twitter lists:

Step 1
Log in to your Twitter account. Click on the avatar on the far right hand side and then click Lists





Step 2
Create your list – click on the Create new list button








Step 3
Name your list so that it is easily recognized. Complete the description (although this is not always necessary), and then select if this should be a private list (visible to yourself only), or a public list (visible in the public domain for all Twitter users to view and follow). Click Save list













Do not add a public list of your clients.



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