Using Photoshop Elements

A popular photo effect is to make part of an image black and white, leaving one element in color. To do this:

Step 1
Open an image to which you want to apply the black and white effect

Step 2
Access Guided edit mode. In the Black & White section, click on the B&W Selection button

The selection brush in Step 3 is the Quick Selection brush, which selects areas of similar color as you drag it over the image.


Step 3
Click on the B&W Selection Brush button and drag it over the area you want to select





Step 4
Click on the Add or Subtract buttons to add or remove areas of the selection






Step 5
The area selected will be in black and white. To leave it in color and make the rest of the image black and white, check On the Invert Effect button





Step 6
Click on the Next button to access the options for saving the final image




Other Black & White Guided edits include B&W Color Pop (highlighting a single color in a photo), High Key, Line Drawing and Low Key.





To convert a photo to standard black and white, select Enhance > Convert to Black and White from the Menu bar in Expert or Quick edit mode.




… and it’s as easy as that!



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