100 Top Tips – Create Great Photos Using Your Smartphone


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100 tips covering all aspects of capturing, displaying and sharing photos using your smartphone

108 pages (notebook-style format: 180 x 100 mm)
By: Nick Vandome
Publication Date: July 10th, 2019
ISBN: 9781840788686

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ebook (PDF) version also available

100 Top Tips – Create Great Photos Using Your Smartphone contains tips covering all aspects of capturing, displaying and sharing photos on your phone. These include:

  • Finding and using your phone’s camera settings so you can set up the camera exactly as you want
  • Using basic techniques that can instantly help you capture stunning photos
  • Looking at ways to improve the composition of your photos
  • Utilizing lighting conditions to get the best photos
  • Creating stunning portraits of family and friends
  • Releasing your artistic side with a range of creative options
  • Viewing buildings and architecture in a new way, to get the most effective photos
  • Capturing iconic shots of famous landmarks
  • Editing photos on your phone and also downloading them to a computer for more sophisticated editing to make them stand out from the crowd
  • Making sure your photos are safely backed up for safe keeping and sharing them with family and friends

100 Top Tips – Create Great Photos Using Your Smartphone will help you to capture eye-catching photos of a variety of subjects and in a range of lighting conditions.









About the Author

Nick Vandome is an IT writer and trainer who specialises in digital imaging and web authoring subjects. In addition to his writing, he also works designing websites and runs training courses. Before he started working with computers he wrote books about working and travelling abroad.

  1. Exploring Camera Apps
  2. Using Camera Settings
  3. Getting on the Grid
  4. Reducing File Size
  5. Working With Filters
  6. Controlling Flash
  7. Switching Cameras
  8. Setting a Timer
  9. When White is White
  10. Going Manual
  11. Using Manual Controls
  12. Volume Buttons for Photos
  13. Creating Duplicates
  14. Focusing Effectively
  15. Getting the Right Exposure
  16. Bracketing and HDR
  17. Zooming In and Out
  18. Steady as it Goes
  19. Basic Maintenance
  20. Avoiding Glare
  21. Rotating Your Photos
  22. Dissecting the Rule of Thirds
  23. Embracing Empty Space
  24. Framing Effectively
  25. Identifying Symmetry
  26. Looking for Lines
  27. Perfecting Patterns
  28. Delving Into Details
  29. Making it Natural
  30. Magic of the Golden Hour
  31. Into the Blue/Purple Hour
  32. Researching the Best Light
  33. It’s All About Timing
  34. Front and Side Lighting
  35. Backlit Subjects
  36. Reflections in Water
  37. Reflections in Objects
  38. Changing Your Position
  39. Moving the Horizon
  40. Don’t be All Thumbs
  41. Going Over the Edge
  42. Including the Foreground
  43. Into the Night
  44. Getting Shady
  45. Relaxing Subjects
  46. Propping up Scenes
  47. Perfecting Selfies
  48. Capturing Candid Portraits
  49. Close-Ups for Detail
  50. Making it Child’s Play
  51. Blurring the Background (1)
  52. Getting Into the Shot
  53. Creating Silhouettes
  54. Effective Group Shots
  55. Follow Your Own Style
  56. Having Fun Experimenting
  57. Getting Artistic With Water
  58. Eye-Catching Still Life
  59. Recreating Scenes
  60. Using Special Effects
  61. Car Lights at Night
  62. Emphasizing Size
  63. Getting Inside
  64. What’s Your Angle
  65. It’s All in the Detail
  66. Dealing With Distortion
  67. Stepping Out
  68. Getting the Iconic Shot
  69. Adding Interest
  70. Far From the Crowd
  71. Rising Above the Rest
  72. Spotting Bands of Color
  73. Let Me Tell You a Story
  74. Stitching Panoramas
  75. When the Sun Goes Down
  76. Animal Magic
  77. Food for Thought
  78. Using Editing Apps
  79. Finding New Editing Apps
  80. From Phone to Computer
  81. Auto-Enhancing Photos
  82. Selecting Areas
  83. Blurring the Background (2)
  84. Cropping Effectively
  85. Don’t be Afraid of Levels
  86. Using Color Blocking
  87. Adding or Removing People
  88. Improving Appearances
  89. Built-In Cloud Services
  90. Third-Party Cloud Services
  91. Creating Photo Albums
  92. Sharing the Fun
  93. Creating Slideshows
  94. Using Tags
  95. Searching for Photos
  96. Auto-Organizing
  97. Wireless Printing
  98. Online Printing
  99. Adding Lenses
  100. Smartphone Camera Safety

Reviews from Amazon readers:

4 stars Essential mobile phone tips to improvement for your own photography.
The little book has excellent photo tips and it is a pocket book to take around with.

5 stars Excellent
Great little book. I’m not totally new to photography, this book has some great tips that apply to whatever camera you are using.

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