100 Top Tips – Create Your Smart Home to Stay Safe and Save Money


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100 tips covering all aspects of setting up and using smart home devices securely

108 pages (notebook-style format: 180 x 100 mm)
By: Nick Vandome
Publication Date: February 11th, 2020
ISBN: 9781840788693

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ebook (PDF) version also available


Homes that contain devices that can be controlled by smart speakers, voice commands and apps are becoming a reality for an increasing number of people. What was once the stuff of science fiction is now firmly established as part of the real world and is easily accessible for anyone who wants to add an exciting new dimension to their home.

100 Top Tips – Create Your Smart Home to Stay Safe and Save Money contains tips covering all aspects of setting up and using smart home devices securely. These include:

  • Setting up your home so that it is ready to be transformed into a smart home
  • Ensuring that your home is flexible enough so that you have alternatives if smart devices do not work properly
  • Using smart speakers (digital voice assistants) to create a digital companion in your home
  • Linking smart speakers to your smart home devices so that they can communicate with each other
  • Deploying smart lighting to take the ultimate control over the lighting systems in your home
  • Installing smart heating to control your central heating and save money
  • Making your home more secure with a range of smart security devices
  • Cutting down the time spent on domestic chores by using devices such as robotic lawnmowers and robotic vacuum cleaners
  • Enhancing entertainment options with robots and artificial intelligence (AI) devices
  • Addressing security issues with smart home devices, to prevent other people gaining access to your smart home











About the Author

Nick Vandome is an IT writer and trainer who specialises in digital imaging and web authoring subjects. In addition to his writing, he also works designing websites and runs training courses. Before he started working with computers he wrote books about working and travelling abroad.

  1. Elements of a Smart Home
  2. Planning Your Smart Home
  3. Wi-Fi and the Smart Home
  4. Selecting Devices
  5. Installing Devices
  6. Using Apps
  7. Linking Devices to Apps
  8. Using a Smart Home Hub
  9. Smart Remote Control
  10. Simplicity of a Smart Home
  11. Cost of a Smart Home
  12. Ensuring a Manual Option
  13. Making a Physical Schedule
  14. Getting Everyone On Board
  15. Creating an Account
  16. Sharing Access
  17. Home and Away Schedule
  18. About Smart Speakers
  19. Using Wake Words
  20. About Amazon Echo
  21. Models of Echo
  22. Alexa Settings
  23. Adding Alexa Skills
  24. Downloading Alexa Skills
  25. Messaging With Alexa
  26. Assessing Google Home
  27. Using the Google Home App
  28. Viewing Google Routines
  29. Adding Google Routines
  30. Viewing Google Actions
  31. Using Google Actions
  32. About the HomePod and Siri
  33. Using the Home App
  34. Asking Questions
  35. Getting the News
  36. Playing Music
  37. Listening to the Radio
  38. Setting Reminders
  39. Using a Timer
  40. Starting With Smart Lighting
  41. Installing Smart Light Bulbs
  42. Installing a Lighting Bridge
  43. Viewing Lighting Elements
  44. Setting Up Rooms
  45. Assigning Lights to a Room
  46. Accessing Lights
  47. Changing Light Color
  48. Adjusting Multiple Lights
  49. Dimming Lights
  50. Using Scenes
  51. Editing Scenes
  52. Creating Your Own Scenes
  53. Accessing Lighting Routines
  54. Creating Routines
  55. Selecting Rooms
  56. Going Home and Away
  57. Never Leave Lights On Again
  58. Smart Light Settings
  59. Remote Lighting Access
  60. About Smart Heating
  61. Installing Smart Heating
  62. Smart Heating Apps
  63. Setting the Temperature
  64. Saving Money With Eco
  65. Setting the Eco Range
  66. Viewing a Schedule
  67. Editing a Schedule
  68. Creating an Auto-Schedule
  69. Heating Home and Away
  70. Deciding Home and Away
  71. Accessing Heating Remotely
  72. General Heating Settings
  73. Specific Heating Settings
  74. About Security Cameras
  75. Installing Security Cameras
  76. Linking Cameras and Apps
  77. Viewing Security Cameras
  78. Indoor Security Cameras
  79. About Smart Alarms
  80. Installing Smart Alarms
  81. Viewing Video Doorbells
  82. About Smart Plugs
  83. Setting Up Smart Plugs
  84. Robotic Lawnmowers
  85. Setting a Mower Boundary
  86. Connecting a Mower
  87. Vacuuming Robotically
  88. More Devices for the Home
  89. Smart TVs
  90. Home Cinema
  91. Surround Sound Speakers
  92. General Security
  93. Using Strong Passwords
  94. Updating Software
  95. Looking at Privacy
  96. Two-Factor Authentication
  97. Wi-Fi Security
  98. Device Location
  99. Smart Speakers Listening
  100. Viewing Recorded Data

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