Access 2007 in easy steps


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By Andrew Unsworth

Publication: February 28, 2007
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-84078-320-9

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About the book

Unlike other jargon-filled books of hernia-inducing proportions Access 2007 In Easy Steps is a slim, easily read tome that neatly demonstrates the important functions of Access 2007 in a clear and concise manner without necessitating a trip to the doctor.

The narrative closely follows the database development life-cycle providing a natural progression from the first principles of good database design to advanced features such as the creation of Forms and Reports. Access 2007 In Easy Steps equips you with the basic skills needed to interact with Access 2007 on a daily basis using meaningful and appropriate examples that are based on real-life databases. Use Access 2007 In Easy Steps to learn how to integrate Access 2007 with Sharepoint Services, work with your Access 2007 database when away from the office, and collect data using email.


  1. Contents
  2. Getting Started
  3. Designing Databases
  4. Creating Tables
  5. Defining Relationships
  6. Working With Data
  7. Querying Databases
  8. Using SQL
  9. Creating Forms
  10. Fine-Tuning Forms
  11. Creating Reports
  12. Sharing Access

About the author

Andrew Unsworth is a freelance writer currently residing in the quaint Berkshire hamlet of Slough. He is a member of the British Computer Society and when not sat in front of the computer trying to beat deadlines can be found sharpening his IT skills at the offices of Resource Productions. Unlike many other authors of ‘how-to’ computer books he doesn’t snowboard, jump off mountains, or otherwise endanger his life by any other means but sometimes wishes that he did.


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