Agile Project Management in easy steps – ebook (PDF)


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Agile Project Management in easy steps – ebook (PDF)

By John Carroll
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Publication date: March 21st, 2012

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About the book

Agile Project Management in easy steps defines agile projects and then examines the typical components of such a project and the appropriate approach to project managing them.

These include:

  • Changing Requirements
  • Different way of Planning
  • More than usual Project Phases
  • Prioritised Business Requirements
  • A broader approach to Risk Management

For completion, it also shows how to use the traditional project management areas such as: team management, risk management, quality management, communications and reporting. Agile Project Management in easy steps conforms to using simple stages to follow, enabling desired results with no confusion along the way.


About the author

John Carroll is a project management consultant with many years’ experience of managing large and small projects, programs and portfolios. Now based in South West England, he has run projects and programs across Europe and the United States. His experience covers most types of organisations including government, higher education, manufacturing industries, pharmaceuticals, software development and the emergency services. He has worked on most types of projects and trained project managers in many different organisations.

John is also the author of Effective Project Management in easy steps, Effective Time Management in easy steps and all editions of (MS) Project in easy steps.

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