Business Coaching in easy steps


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By Jon Poole

Publication: August 5, 2009
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-84078-384-1

About the book

All managers of people have a responsibility for getting the very best possible performance from their staff. From a business’s perspective, gaining excellent performance from its people clearly translates into better performance of the business. From a motivational point of view, the majority of managers spend too much time directing and too little time motivating and developing those that work for them. Regular one-to-one coaching can help managers really understand their staff and ensure they get the very best performance from them.

This book provides a simple yet comprehensive approach to coaching in the workplace described using a step-by-step process from A through to E. In addition, it explains many of the supporting skills such as questioning, listening and goal setting – all of which are essential skills for coaching but also extremely useful stand-alone skills for all managers to master.


  1. What is Coaching?
  2. The Coaching Relationship
  3. Preparing to Coach
  4. The Coaching Process
  5. Supporting Skills
  6. Setting Goals
  7. Ongoing Coaching
  8. The Second Dimensions
  9. Coaching Applications
  10. Next Steps

About the author

Jon Poole has been a development specialist for more than 20 years, running his own development practice for the past 10 years.

During this time Jon has developed a coaching model in conjunction with top sporting names (for example past England cricket captain Graham Gooch), taking trusted coaching methodologies from the world of sport and applying them within a sound business context. This model has been the basis of highly popular and successful workshops he has run for managers at all levels.

He also has first hand experience of having personally coached many senior managers over the past 20 years in the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors. His pragmatic approach to leadership has helped bring on many top leaders through coaching as well as through his highly practical leadership development programmes.


Customer Review

Review by M Crawley on

“Business Coaching is well written, easy to follow and provided me with good new coaching tips. I particulary liked the ABCDEF model and have started using this instead of the TGROW model I previously used. It suits my style better and makes me a more effective coach.”


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