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Teaches children new coding concepts and results in some amazing graphics in easy steps

This is a new title in the children’s series The QuestKids that is designed to make learning fun for children.

This is the UK English edition.

80 pages / A4
By: Max Wainewright
Publication date: May 20th, 2022
ISBN: 9781840789577

Ebook (PDF) version also available

Coding with Python – Create Amazing Graphics introduces coding in Python through a variety of projects. Each one teaches new coding concepts and results in some amazing graphics.

Python is a powerful, text-based programming language essential to grasp for serious coding but can be dull to learn. This book focuses on inspired learning. Step-by-step, it illustrates how to use Python code to create exciting and colourful graphics — making learning Python great fun!

Learn Python code to:

  • Use random numbers to create unique artwork
  • Mix colours together using variables to create amazing effects
  • Use loops to repeat your code and create intricate patterns
  • Code your own functions and build up your own designs

To create the games in this book, children will need a desktop computer or a laptop. The games require a proper keyboard so will not work well on a tablet or iPad. It is recommended that children should be supervised when using the internet, especially when using a new website.




























About the Author

Max Wainewright is an experienced computing teacher and has taught in the UK and in Singapore. Max has worked with national government agencies and local councils to support and inspect technology in schools. He teaches coding part-time in a London primary school, and runs an innovation group supporting other local schools. Max has a Computer Science degree and has significant experience of working in the EdTech industry. He co-founded one of the most successful small UK EdTech companies, and developed award-winning software that has been used by over 90% of UK primary schools. He has provided his expertise as an Educational Software consultant for major companies including Discovery and LEGO. Max has written dozens of books teaching kids to code. Many of these are top-sellers, reaching 100,000s of kids, and have been translated into over 20 languages.

  • Getting Started
  • Saying Hello
  • Giant Circles
  • Simple Squares
  • Square Patterns
  • Multi Patterns
  • Spinning Circles

A Bit Random   

  • Random Dots
  • Random Colours
  • Random Lines
  • Random Sizes
  • Random Line Burst
  • Random Colour Spin
  • Random Hoops

Mixing Colours

  • Blended Square
  • Blended Circle
  • Shaded Sphere
  • Colour Mix Points
  • Spiral Blend
  • Colour List Spiral

Drawing Pictures            

  • Flower
  • Donut
  • Pizza
  • Emojis
  • Dog


  • Square Function
  • Flower Function
  • Recursive Spiral
  • Recursive Squares
  • Recursive Tree

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