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Teaches children how to create computer games using Scratch in a fun way, and in easy steps

This is the second title in the children’s series The QuestKids that is designed to make learning fun for children.

This is the UK English edition.

80 pages / A4
By: Max Wainewright
Publication date: October 7th, 2021
ISBN: 9781840789546

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Coding with Scratch – Create Awesome Platform Games shows kids how to create amazing platform games with Scratch. They will learn how to:

  • Use code to make a series of games where sprites leap from platform to platform.
  • Design different levels, draw graphics, and make simple animations.
  • Use variables to keep the score and to simulate gravity in games.
  • Make code blocks and functions.
  • Add sound to bring games to life.

Starting with an introduction about how Scratch works, this book is suitable for beginners but with lots of tips, challenges, and extensions for experienced Scratch coders.

To create the games in this book, children will need a desktop computer or a laptop. The games require a proper keyboard so will not work well on a tablet or iPad. It is recommended that children should be supervised when using the internet, especially when using a new website.















About the author

Max Wainewright is an experienced computing teacher and has taught in the UK and in Singapore. Max has worked with national government agencies and local councils to support and inspect technology in schools. He teaches coding part-time in a London primary school, and runs an innovation group supporting other local schools. Max has a Computer Science degree and has significant experience of working in the EdTech industry. He co-founded one of the most successful small UK EdTech companies, and developed award-winning software that has been used by over 90% of UK primary schools. He has provided his expertise as an Educational Software consultant for major companies including Discovery and LEGO. Max has written dozens of books teaching kids to code. Many of these are top-sellers, reaching 100,000s of kids, and have been translated into over 20 languages.

  1. Coding with Scratch
  2. Banana Bonanza
  3. Jumposaurus
  4. Space Dog
  5. Polar Penguin
  6. Monkey City
  7. Haunted House
  8. Scrolling Platform
  9. Function Freddy

Game Challenges:

  • Reusing your own blocks
  • Pyramid Platform
  • Crazy Castle
  • Robot Runner
  • Game Mods


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