Effective Business Writing in easy steps


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The ideal guide for anyone who needs guidance with writing in the workplace. Master the fundamental skills to communicate effectively in business

180 pages
By: Tony Rossiter
Publication Date: 19 June, 2013
ISBN: 9781840785715

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The ability to communicate effectively in writing is a key business skill. Whether you’re drafting a lengthy company report or sending a short email to colleagues, it’s vital to get it right. That means being clear and concise, and writing in a style that’s acceptable to the reader. If your writing is difficult to understand or written in an inappropriate style, it won’t be effective.

When problems arise within any organization, they can often be traced back to a breakdown in communication. Often the most effective way to communicate is in writing. Clear and succinct writing is an essential business skill – and one which no organization, big or small, private or public, can afford to neglect.  Effective Business Writing in easy steps will enable you to quickly master this skill.

Effective Business Writing in easy steps is the ideal guide for anyone who needs guidance with writing in the workplace.  Its clear, concise, easy-to-read style means that you’ll soon master the fundamental skills to communicate effectively in business. It covers the basic tools such as plain English, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and grammar, to preparing and checking your presentation, then how to put it into practice when writing documents such as letters, emails, notes, reports and speeches and many more.


About the author

Tony Rossiter is a successful management consultant and trainer for management and communication skills courses. He’s also a freelance writer, with regular articles in a range of national magazines to his credit. Tony Rossiter lives in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

  1. Why good writing matters
  2. What is plain English?
  3. Basic tools
  4. The four golden rules
  5. Planning and preparation
  6. Style
  7. Presentation
  8. The writing process
  9. Checking, re-writing and testing
  10. Letters
  11. Emails
  12. Memos and briefing notes
  13. Notes and minutes of meetings
  14. Reports
  15. Summaries
  16. Business proposals
  17. CVs
  18. Speeches
  19. Press releases
  20. Internal and external communications
  21. Web pages
  22. Further reading

Reviews from Amazon readers:

5 stars A reasonably priced book packed with useful information in a clear, easy to follow format
I now have several of these ‘in easy steps’ books and the one thing they all seem to share is an ability to provide clear and comprehensive fundamentals that you can immediately make use of in your job. While it could be said that a lot of the things suggested just sound like simple common sense, that’s also the beauty of them. The tips and guidelines are all tried and tested and as such just feel right, making them easy to incorporate into daily use. While there may well be other books out there on business writing that cover more specific forms and in more detail, they also tend to cost a lot more. As such they can sometimes pad their information in order to provide a perception of value for money at that higher price point. The more reasonable cost of this book range however means that they can do a more effective job of getting the core facts presented in a clean and easy to assimilate fashion. With topics covering reports, letters, proposals, emails, memos and loads more in-between there’s plenty of scope to effectively cover the majority of situations.
So if you need to improve your writing for work or have something to produce and yet have no idea how to go about it then this book really could help get you on track. Once you then have these foundations mastered then you can build on that with more detailed or focused learning for specific types of writing as necessary, but as a starter manual this one is a great balance of clarity and content at a reasonable price point that’s definitely worth a look.

5 stars Really good
I have a borrowed copy and will now look to make a purchase of this book. The author has written in a clear and direct fashion, whereby it is easy to follow and learn or relearn in my case (!) the fundamental basics, needed to communicate effectively in the workplace and I may even add for those who need help with essays, this is good for the primary basics! 🙂

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