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Learn how to design circuits, make your own printed circuit boards and explore the exciting world of electronics 

For anyone with an inquisitive mind who wants to know how electricity and electronics works!

By: Bill Mantovani
Publication Date: June 10th, 2019

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Ever wanted to know how things work, especially electronic devices? This informative guide tells you all about the building blocks that make up electronic circuits and the components that make an electronic device tick. It explains electronics in an easy to understand way and then takes you through some simple but useful circuits that you can build for yourself. Areas covered include:

  • the basic fundamentals of electricity
  • getting started in electronics
  • electronic theory explained
  • resistors and capacitors – what they do
  • transistors – how they work
  • crystals and coils
  • basic electronic building blocks
  • simple circuits described and explained
  • how a radio works
  • designing simple circuits
  • circuit design software
  • making printed circuit boards
  • building electronic circuits
  • soldering techniques
  • test equipment
  • circuit testing and fault finding

Electronics in easy steps is ideal for anyone who has always wanted to know how electricity works and what electronic components do – from simple theory through to actually building, testing and troubleshooting useful and interesting circuits.

Suitable for:

  • Students
  • DIY and Electronics Enthusiasts
  • Hobbyists
  • Radio Hobbyists
  • Short Wave Listeners and Radio Amateur Foundation Exam students
  • Members of the Cadets, Scouts, etc.

and anyone with an inquisitive mind who wants to know how electricity and electronics works!









About the author

Bill Mantovani has a long association with electronics and is a successful author on circuit design and construction. He has specialised in electronics and IT all his adult life and is consequently well versed in a wide range of electronic devices and applications. A respected college lecturer to Higher Education level, Bill has also penned a number of academic titles for students studying in the electrical and electronic engineering field. As a licensed Radio Amateur, his main interest is in the design and construction of radio transmitters, receivers, power supplies and test equipment.

  1. Basic Principles
  2. DC Circuits
  3. Resistors and Capacitors
  4. Magnetic Principles
  5. Single Phase AC Circuits
  6. Semiconductor Principles
  7. Diodes
  8. Transistors
  9. Further Devices
  10. Construction Methods
  11. Power Supplies
  12. Test Equipment
  13. Digital Electronics
  14. Circuits & Reference
  15. Glossary

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