iPhone in easy steps, 7th edition – covers iPhone X and iOS 11


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Get up and running quickly with your new iPhone X. Customize it, learn to find and use apps, make phonecalls and video calls, email, take and edit photos, shop online and more! 

Covers iPhone X with iOS 11

192 pages
By: Drew Provan
Publication Date:  March 2018
ISBN: 9781840787924

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In full-colour and straightforward, jargon-free language, iPhone in easy steps, 7th edition gives you all the information you need to get up and running with your new iPhone, so you will quickly feel you are in control of it. Learn how to:

  • find your way around the iPhone and customize it to your requirements
  • find and download apps
  • use the new gestures designed for iPhone X, which doesn’t have a Home button
  • use Face ID for unlocking your phone, authorising access, and payments
  • make and receive texts, phone & video calls
  • create and send Animojis: animated emojis that track your face, mimic your expressions, and record whatever you want them to say
  • use email and social networking accounts
  • access music, movies and books
  • take and edit photos and videos, including using the new Portrait mode for taking professional-looking portraits
  • surf the web and shop online
  • share content with family members

iPhone in easy steps, 7th edition takes the mystery out of using your iPhone and shows how it can become your most useful digital companion, ready to help keep you in touch, up-to-date and entertained. A great investment for newbies and Seniors.

Covers iPhone X with iOS 11.



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About the author

Drew Provan is currently a senior lecturer at Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry. He’s also a keen iPhone user. Drew enjoys writing and editing and has been involved with the production of a number of medical books. He also writes for GP Magazine, and have written pieces for other publications including Financial Times, Tesco Healthy Living, Readers Digest, and patient support group publications.

Drew uses technology extensively at home and at work, for creating music, reading, writing, databases and giving presentations. As an early adopter of the iPad he has almost stopped using his laptop and switched over to the iPad for most of his computing and multimedia needs.

  1. iPhone X
  2. iPhone X and iCloud
  3. The Phone Functions
  4. Messaging
  5. Music and Movies
  6. Photos and Videos
  7. The Standard Apps
  8. Working with Apps
  9. Web Browsing
  10. Email
  11. Accessibility Settings
  12. Solving Problems

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