Mac Basics in easy steps – covers Mac OS X Lion


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Mac Basics in easy steps – covers Mac OS X Lion


By Drew Provan

Publication: September 30, 2011
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-84078-445-9


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About the book

Covering the new Mac OS X Lion, Mac Basics in easy steps shows you how to get up and running on your Mac with minimum time and effort. Useful for anyone new to the world of Mac computing.

Mac Basics in easy steps covers all the essentials a novice need to know, from getting started to security issues. Areas covered include:

• Getting to grips with the Mac
• Dealing with Documents
• Mastering email
• Browse the web with Safari
• Calendars & Contacts
• Photos & Videos on the Mac
• The world of iTunes
• Networking using the Mac
• Video chat using the Mac
• Personalising your Mac
• Troubleshooting

This handy guide even shows how to move over from a PC – in easy steps – with minimum hassle.


About the author

Drew Provan is currently a senior lecturer at Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry. He’s also a keen iPhone user. Drew enjoys writing and editing and has been involved with the production of a number of medical books. He also writes for GP Magazine, and have written pieces for other publications including Financial Times, Tesco Healthy Living, Readers Digest, and patient support group publications.

Drew uses technology extensively at home and at work, for creating music, reading, writing, databases and giving presentations. As an early adopter of the iPad he has almost stopped using his laptop and switched over to the iPad for most of his computing and multimedia needs.


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Learn Mac basics for free! 

Click on the links below for free PDFs to get you started while you wait for your book to arrive:

How to find your way around your Mac

How to set up a Mac user account

How to adjust system preferences on your Mac

How to use Mac Mission Control

How to use the mouse and trackpad on your Mac

How to set keyboard options on your Mac

How to set up Mail, Contacts and Calendars on your Mac

How to network your Mac

How to share files and folders on your Mac

How to set the date and time on your Mac


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