MacBook in easy steps

MacBook in easy steps


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By Nick Vandome

Publication: September 13, 2010
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-84078-408-4



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About the book

Apple products have become increasingly visible and popular in recent years, partly as a result of high-profile devices such as the iPod and iPhone. However, Apple’s computing lines have also enjoyed increased exposure and sales, including their laptop range, known as MacBooks. These have also benefited from the general move from desktop computers to laptops.

MacBook In Easy Steps, focuses on this area of mobile computing and contains all of the information you need to use MacBooks for both business and pleasure. The book looks at the specifications and hardware of MacBooks and details how to get up and running with this attractive and highly functional laptop.

The book also covers the MacBook operating system, known as OS X, in some detail, including the workhorse areas such as the Dock and the Finder. In addition it shows how to use the Internet and email, networking and sharing with family members. In order to get the most out of your MacBook there is also a chapter about using it as a fully mobile device, on the road, in the office or on vacation.

MacBook In Easy Steps will be useful for anyone new to the world of Mac computing and also those who are familiar with Apple products, but want to get more out of their MacBook.


About the author

Nick Vandome is an IT writer and trainer who specialises in digital imaging and web authoring subjects. In addition to his writing, he also works designing websites and runs training courses. Before he started working with computers he wrote books about working and travelling abroad.



  1. Introducing MacBooks
  2. Around a MacBook
  3. Battery Issues
  4. Introducing OS X
  5. Getting Up and Running
  6. Finder
  7. Internet and Email
  8. Sharing OS X
  9. MacBook Networking
  10. MacBook Mobility
  11. MacBook Maintenance


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