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The perfect guide to understanding Teams and becoming a fully-integrated team player

By: Nick Vandome
Publication Date: April 16th, 2021

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Evolving digital communication, and the way workers use it to interact with each other, is a constant feature of the workplace. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the way that millions of people around the world work, and this has led to a considerable rise in the number of people using remote working options such as collaborative software and video communication.

Microsoft (MS) Teams has emerged as one of the most powerful and flexible tools for linking workers in an organization, whether they are in an office environment or working remotely. Teams can also be used in a school or higher education setting if students have to access classes remotely. Teams can be used to create dedicated groups of people (teams), who can then interact with each other on specific subjects. This interaction can include text chats, video calls, document sharing and even knowledge Wikis.

MS Teams is a comprehensive work tool and at first sight it can seem somewhat daunting. However, Microsoft Teams in easy steps is the perfect guide to understanding Teams and becoming a fully-integrated team player. The book looks at all of areas of using Teams, including:

  • Obtaining Teams
  • Learning the Teams interface
  • Getting started with creating and joining teams
  • Expanding the functionality of Teams with the use of Channels
  • Using Chat to communicate with colleagues
  • Joining and scheduling meetings
  • Using video to communicate with individuals and groups
  • Sharing documents for a fully collaborative experience with Teams
  • Increasing the options within Teams through the use of apps
  • Expanding the knowledge base of your organization with customized Wikis

Microsoft Teams in easy steps is the book to help you keep up with the constantly evolving workplace, and ensure that you are not left behind in any aspect of a team-working environment.



About the author

Nick Vandome is an IT writer and trainer who specializes in digital imaging and Web authoring subjects. In addition to writing, he also designs websites and runs training courses. Before he started working with computers he wrote books about working and travelling abroad. An established In Easy Steps author with several successful guides to his credit, he lives in the UK.

  1. The Workplace Revolution
  2. Setting Up Teams
  3. Getting Started with Teams
  4. Creating Teams
  5. Channels and Tabs
  6. Text Chatting
  7. Organizing Meetings
  8. Video Meetings
  9. Sharing Files
  10. Adding Apps
  11. Creating Wikis