A Parent’s Guide to the iPad in easy steps


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A Parent’s Guide to the iPad in easy steps


By Nick Vandome


Publication: April 4th, 2012

Pages: 216

ISBN: 978-1-84078-449-7


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About the book

Since its introduction in 2010, the iPad has quickly become an iconic device – a compact, versatile tablet computer that packs a real punch in terms of its functionality. It is now widely used and in many ways it is ideal for children: it is user-friendly, compact, powerful and stylish into the bargain.

But for a parent, the idea of your child using an iPad can be a daunting one: how do you know what they are using it for, what are they looking at on the web and how are they communicating with their friends?       

A Parent’s Guide to the iPad in easy steps is the guide that aims to put parents’ minds at ease and lets them understand the iPad, while helping their child explore this exciting machine.

The book looks at the functionality of the iPad so that you can understand how your child is using it, and also make the most of yourself. It then covers a range of topics for which the iPad can be used: education, games, photos, music, creativity and social networking.

A Parent’s Guide to the iPad in easy steps  will inspire parents to use their iPad to encourage more learning!

Table of Contents

  1. Your Child Needs an iPad
  2. Getting to Know the iPad
  3. iPad Security
  4. Apps and the App Store
  5. Educational Apps
  6. iPad for Productivity
  7. Photos and Videos
  8. Music, Games and More
  9. Communicating
  10. Sharing with the iPad

About the author

Nick Vandome is an IT writer and trainer who specialises in digital imaging and web authoring subjects. In addition to his writing, he also works designing websites and runs training courses. Before he started working with computers he wrote books about working and travelling abroad.


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