Photoshop CC in easy steps, 2nd edition – updated for Photoshop CC 2018


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Master the essentials of Photoshop CC and then enjoy the full creative potential of this popular photo editing software. This book breaks down complex functions into easy to follow learning sequences

Updated for Photoshop CC 2018

240 pages
By: Robert Shufflebotham
Publication Date: October 2018
ISBN: 9781840788327

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Photoshop CC in easy steps, 2nd edition provides the essential building blocks for the reader to develop a clear grasp of the power and sophistication that Photoshop has to offer.

The continual expansion, refinement and development of Photoshop can make learning the software a daunting experience for the first time user. But there is no need to feel intimidated. The answer is simple, take it in easy steps. That’s exactly what Photoshop CC in easy steps, 2nd edition is designed to do. In clear, concise, simple language this book breaks down the complex and complicated into small easily digestible learning chunks.

Photoshop CC in easy steps, 2nd edition delivers a solid, secure and lasting foundation that you can build on as you explore Photoshop and develop more and more control over one the most creative pieces of software available today. The author’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the requirements and needs of the new user is distilled in this book which is written in simple, clear language with step by step instructions, breaking down complex functions into easy to follow learning sequences.

  • Grasp the basics of color, file formats, key graphics and design terminology
  • Master Photoshop window and the Tool panel
  • Learn the tricks of the trade for image editing
  • Explore Selection tools, Layers, Paths and Color adjustments to create your unique images
  • Optimize images for print, web or multimedia
  • Create effective animations for the web
  • Download example images used in the book and get updates to the features covered – FREE

Photoshop CC in easy steps, 2nd edition allows you to master the basics so you can proceed to unleash the full creative potential of the software.

Updated for Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2018








About the author

Robert Shufflebotham is a software training consultant with over 21 years experience of delivering software training. He trains on a regular basis for some of the largest and most prestigious magazine, book and newspaper publishers in the world. He also has a MA in Electronic Media.

  1. Basic Theory
  2. The Working Environment
  3. Open and Save Files
  4. Image and Color Basics
  5. The Painting Tools
  6. The Editing Tools
  7. Selections
  8. Layers
  9. Working with Type
  10. Paths
  11. Channels and Masks
  12. Color Adjustments
  13. Filters
  14. Web and Multimedia
  15. Animations and Slices

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Reviews from Amazon readers:

 5 stars Essential skills easy steps
Well written good instructions.

5 stars Learn just what you need, when you need it in one or two pages. Very clear and concise.
Excellent resource book. I have these for other apps too, always worthwhile.

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